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MJ West

1Hungaria 16133061214042
2Clarkson Sheridan16132156154141
3Newmarket United16101545271831
4Markham Lightning169254036429
5UMSC United168264338526
6Downsview Rams167093230221
7Aurora Lions1631123652-1610
8Georgetown SC1621132152-317
9HNK Livno1610151679-633

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Mokhtar NASSERIUMSC United24
2Roman PITSURHungaria 21
3Matthew SABATININewmarket United14
4Peter REVOREDOAurora Lions13
5Keyon SALTERMarkham Lightning11
6Brennan MCNICOLLClarkson Sheridan10
7Sandor VARGAHungaria 8
8Adrian SCALAClarkson Sheridan7
9Alban BOCIDownsview Rams7
10Cameron EISSESClarkson Sheridan7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jake SWEETZER Clarkson Sheridan7
2Josh HORNERNewmarket United7
3 Hungaria 1
4Ahmad AMIRYDownsview Rams1
6Chen Sing LIENGDownsview Rams1
7David SZABOHungaria 1
8Davin COOPERMarkham Lightning1
9Imor VITIVHungaria 1
10Silvio DIAFERIAUMSC United1
11Yago GASPARMarkham Lightning1

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Alf Beese Cup
TGE2 - 3 Dalmacija
Pana 2.00 - 5 Raiders
Gold Line1 - 4 Panathinaiko

Frank Docherty Cup
Skillz4 - 3 Mustang FC
Cavan FC6 - 4 KRDU

George Finnie Cup
Ajax FC9 - 1 Georgetown S
Lightning1 - 1 Premier FC


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