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OSL Provincial East

1Hungaria Vasas84312219315
2Woodbridge Strikers Prov8350137614
3Scarboro Azzurri84131813513
4FC Ukraine United83321914512
5GS United73221918111
6Toronto Celtic83142019110
7Aurora Hearts8233911-29
8Markham CIty82151118-77
9Downsview Rams71151527-124

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Conor THOMOSONToronto Celtic5
2Gerard O BOYLEToronto Celtic5
3 Vitalii KOLIESNIKOVHungaria Vasas4
4Andrew ALONZIWoodbridge Strikers Prov4
5Andrii VOLOSHYNHungaria Vasas4
6Eugene ISHCHAKFC Ukraine United4
7Kiril DIMITOVScarboro Azzurri4
8Nazar MILISHCHUKFC Ukraine United4
9Phil KAVANAGHToronto Celtic4
10Armin TANKOVICDownsview Rams3

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Kelvin FRISEIROWoodbridge Strikers Prov3
2Alexander POTHERMONTWoodbridge Strikers Prov1
3Andrei SPATARUGS United1
4Arthur ZASLAVSKIFC Ukraine United1
5Musa Kanial Scarboro Azzurri1
6Peter BURKEToronto Celtic1
7Silvano POSCAAurora Hearts1
8Tamas MESKOHungaria Vasas1

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OSL Provincial West
Ebony Jrs2 - 6 Hrvat St. Ca


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