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Playing Rule Amendment

The Board of Directors has amended one of the playing rules.

At the most recent Board meeting team sheet irregularities were discussed at length.

The Board of Directors has decided to amend the following rule to read

P/R #6

(a)           A team sheet must be completed in triplicate by both teams.  One copy handed to the Referee or linesman and one copy handed to opponents prior to the start of the game.  Save for provision of proof to the contrary, a player whose name appears on the team sheet shall be deemed to have played.

 Each player up to a maximum of eighteen (18) must be listed together with a maximum of three (3) club officials including a coach.  Only persons listed on the team sheet are permitted to sit on the bench or in the designated bench area.  Players’ registration numbers or OSA approved ID numbers must be listed on the team sheet and the player must have his book available for checking in accordance with P/R #2 (g).

**A club will be fined $100.00 for any team sheet irregularity.**

As per the League constitution this new amendment will be in effect as of Friday July 24, 2015.





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