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OSL Cup Outlook: Alf Beese Cup

After three months of thrilling Ontario Soccer League (OSL) Cup matches, featuring clubs from all over Ontario, we have reached the semifinals in each of the three Cup fixtures.

Each year, the OSL has their teams compete in three different league Cup tournaments. The Alf Beese Cup, Frank Docherty Cup and the George Finnie Cup.

This years edition of the Alf Beese Cup will feature the Woodbridge Strikers taking on rivals Vaughan Azzurri, while Richmond Hill SC will battle it out against Caledon FC in semifinal play.

Semifinal Match 27: Woodbridge Strikers vs Vaughan Azzurri

The journey for Vaughan has been a long one, but one in which the club has dominated their opponents. The clubs first round matchup saw them up against Wexford Hi Profile, in which they took a commanding 5-1 victory.

Midfielder Niklas Bauer proved to be the driving force for his club, scoring twice and being a constant threat for Wexford.

Bauer continued his fine form in their second round meeting against FC Ukraine United, in which he scored another two goals and helped his side secure a commanding 7-2 win. Teammate Steve Kloutsouniotis also joined in on the scoring spree, adding two goals himself.

Their third round matchup saw them take on Toronto Celtic. A match in which many thought would be a tough task for the Azzurri. However, thanks to another two goal performance by Kloutsouniotis, Vaughan claimed a victory and booked their ticket to the semifinals.


As for their opponents, Woodbridge has had a lighter workload, thanks to a first round bye. The Strikers headed into the second round, given the task to get a win over Hamilton Sparta.

Goals from Damion Graham, Cameo Ellis and Stephen Lumley were enough for their team to move onto the quarterfinals.

The Strikers then set their sights on GS United. Roberto Galle and Noel Ellerton stood out for their team, and Woodbridge would end up grabbing a 2-0 win.

Semifinal Match #28: Richmond Hill SC vs Caledon FC

On the other side of Alf Beese Cup semi’s, both Richmond Hill and Caledon have breezed by their opponents, allowing only three goals in three games.

Richmond Hill’s Cup journey started with them up against provincial east side, Phoenix SA. With the strong play of keeper Praveen Ahilan, and goals from Ahmed Zabian, Nicholas Lambis, and Raheem Rose, Richmond Hill claimed a 3-0 win and moved on to the next round with ease.

Their next match against Sporting Toronto would see them almost getting edged out by their fellow provincial elite club, as a pair of goals from Sporting’s Nuno Carvalho caused some problems for Richmond Hill. However, Luka Lee’s two goals and Rose’s second Cup goal was all they needed to grab a 5-3 win.

In the quarterfinals, Richmond Hill were up against their toughest Cup opponent so far, fellow provincial elite club Panathinaikos. The fifth placed Panathinaikos side were able to defend well against the strong attacking force of Richmond Hill, but Zabian’s second Cup goal would be the deciding goal and allow Richmond Hill to move on to the semi's.

Caledon FC would be drawn against provincial east club HFC Toronto in the first round. Goals from Christopher Simm and Kevin Omokhua is all the provincial elite club needed to move onto the next round.


Caledon’s next opponent proved to be their hardest task, as first placed elite team, Durham Celtic were able to put two goals past them. However, with Simm scoring his second and third Cup goals, Stavros Badunas added the last goal the club needed to move on to the quarterfinals to face Aurora Hearts.

Up against the Hearts, Caledon were able top put on a very strong team effort, as six different players were able to give Caledon the 6-1 victory.

Combined, all four finalists have scored 40 goals and have allowed 10.

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