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With a projected start of August 15th, the Ontario Soccer League will be updating the discipline procedures by moving to the Discipline by Review (DBR) / Discipline by Hearing (DBH) system as laid down by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA).

Those of you involved with other leagues will be well aware of this system, and those of you who were at a recent discipline session until midnight will be well aware of the need to move to this system.

The system is built into our new website.

The procedures can be found on the OSA website at: http://www.soccer.on.ca/Publications/mam.nsf?OpenDatabase
click on "Ontario Soccer Association Policies" and "9.0 Discipline".

We expect a few glitches as we get started, so bear with us.

One important change will be to make the clubs/teams responsible for the administrative fee rather than the individual players. 

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

We will update this bulletin as more information becomes available.

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