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NOTE: The types of offences being dealt with do not change with the new system.  Offences such as referee assault and offences related to registration will continue to be dealt with by the appropriate association.

Starting on August 15th, discipline will be managed through the Discipline by Review (DBR) / Discipline by Hearing (DBH) system.

Until then discipline hearings will be held as before with an overlap between the systems on August 16 and August 23.  Anyone receiving a red card/dismissal before the 15th will appear as follows:
    Game between Jul. 26 & Aug. 1 - hearing on Aug. 9
    Game between Aug. 2 & Aug. 8 - hearing on Aug.16
    Game between Aug. 9 & Aug. 15 - hearing on Aug. 23.

Starting on August 15th, registrants (players, coaches, club/team officials, game officials) will only appear under the following circumstances:
1   The discipline committee during the review process decides that the circumstances of the case are serious enough to require an accused's attendence before the committee;                                          
2    The offence is mandated by the OSA to need a hearing (for example - repeated violations).  In these cases the accused will be notified to attend
3    The accused requests a hearing.  This must be made by 'receipted request' (registered mail, trace mail, courier, hand delivery) with the correct fee within two 'response days' (business days) of receiving the dismissal.

The majority of cases will be dealt with 'by review' and the findings must circulated within 2 response days

For full details check out the OSA website.

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