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U21 Provincial East

1FC Durham Academy1291231141728
2GS Tigers1264234171722
3Durham United FA126242923620
4Etobicoke Energy125342723418
5North Toronto125161921-216
6Peniche CC124172535-1013
7Bradford Wolves121011739-323

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Kobie GOODINGGS Tigers9
2Pedro FERREIRAPeniche CC9
3MARKUS KLAISEEtobicoke Energy8
4Gavean VALDEZPeniche CC6
5Isaiah SKEETEDurham United FA6
6Juan CASTROGS Tigers6
7Michael THORTONDurham United FA6
8Gabriel MIKINAGS Tigers5
9Jairon SABIDOBradford Wolves5
10John TUNSTILLNorth Toronto5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Patricio HEMPLEMANNNorth Toronto4
2Andreas ELLINEASDurham United FA2
3Isaiah COOKFC Durham Academy2
4Johnny PAPPASGS Tigers2
5VID VUKOBRATOVICEtobicoke Energy2
6Christian LACUESTAPeniche CC1
7Francisco ESGAIOPeniche CC1
8Isaac LUCASFC Durham Academy1
9Kevon GRANTDurham United FA1
10NICHOLAS AGUECIEtobicoke Energy1

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