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Regional South

1Hrvat St. Catharines16140243222142
2Guelph Oaks FC16123140112939
3Mississauga Croatia1610332519633
4Croatia Norval166372923621
5Mustang FC166192624219
6JJD Sports164392742-1515
8AC Soccer Diavoli1642101733-1614

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Adrian HRENDUSMustang FC11
2Kristian CEKOCroatia Norval9
3Martino RASOGuelph Oaks FC9
4Fredrick ANSONJJD Sports8
5Sandro RAJKOVICHrvat St. Catharines8
6Alen MIJACKOVICMississauga Croatia7
8Michael OJKICGuelph Oaks FC7
9Matthew NIGHTINGALEGuelph Oaks FC6
10Maximillian RAABGuelph Oaks FC6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Daniel KEIRGuelph Oaks FC9
2Ivan OJVANHrvat St. Catharines5
3Luis RODRIGUEZMustang FC4
4Matthew GONCALVESMississauga Croatia4
5Ivan SKOKOCroatia Norval2
6John SMITSAC Soccer Diavoli2
7Alen MIJACKOVICMississauga Croatia1

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Alf Beese Cup
TGE2 - 3 Dalmacija
Pana 2.00 - 5 Raiders
Gold Line1 - 4 Panathinaiko

Frank Docherty Cup
Skillz4 - 3 Mustang FC
Cavan FC6 - 4 KRDU

George Finnie Cup
Ajax FC9 - 1 Georgetown S
Lightning1 - 1 Premier FC


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