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MJ East

1GS Vets16123155302539
2Ajax FC16111443261734
3Whitby Iroquois169253733429
4York Jets1674539251425
5Ajax Union167093534121
7Scarborough Rangers164392223-115
8East York United163492136-1513
9Premier FC1633101650-3412

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Jorge CARVALHOAjax Union15
2Jahel GUSHWAYGS Vets12
3Damien POTTINGERGS Vets10
4Cameron OJEDAArtemisium9
5Dylan COWLEAjax FC9
6Colin REILLYWhitby Iroquois8
7Eric SAVVASWhitby Iroquois8
8Sergio MARCHANTGS Vets8
9Jennoi ENNISAjax FC7
10Patric PLACIDEArtemisium7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Julian PEDISAjax FC5
2Julian FOSCOLIYork Jets3
3Netharshan HARIBALANScarborough Rangers2
4Philip CAVICCHIAYork Jets2
5 Artemisium1
6Aldo MAIORANOWhitby Iroquois1
7Andrew NUTTWhitby Iroquois1
8Gaby QUELLETEast York United1
9Martin SALMANTONAjax Union1
10Vithushan THEVAKESARANArtemisium1

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Alf Beese Cup
TGE2 - 3 Dalmacija
Pana 2.00 - 5 Raiders
Gold Line1 - 4 Panathinaiko

Frank Docherty Cup
Skillz4 - 3 Mustang FC
Cavan FC6 - 4 KRDU

George Finnie Cup
Ajax FC9 - 1 Georgetown S
Lightning1 - 1 Premier FC


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